Topographical Surveying

Drone Survey Services

Aerial surveying

Drones or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) are used for drone surveying. We use DJI drones at Survey. Before completing a drone survey a flight plan is created by a surveyor either in the office or in the field. Photos are taken from different angles and positions using a digital camera which is attached to the drone. Each image that is taken is geo-referenced. The data is post processed using photogrammetry software. It is a highly accurate and cost effective way to survey large scale and/or remote areas. Another benefit is Health and Safety- ensuring staff, contractors and the wider public’s safety.

Advantages of drone surveying

What do we use drones for?

What will you receive if you have requested a drone survey?

On what project sites can drones be used for?

  • Pre-construction: A drone survey can be done before the project starts. This will provide you with the necessary information before work commences. 
  • During construction: Progress and development can be monitored
  • After constructions: To see the end result of the project